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A recent article stated that mobile web apps for information and entertainment are now a norm. As our society continues to become more mobile, there is no better time than the present to implement these apps into our daily lives. So what types of mobile apps can we expect? What types of services will be available? And how fast will these new mobile apps be available?

The news article noted that Google’s Android software will allow users to stream full length movies on their phones, via the wifi. This is not the first time that this has happened as Google has allowed music to be played on the big screen in a similar fashion to iTunes. The company also announced that it will allow TV 5 are to be controlled by voice commands. This means that the user can now control their TV, by speaking to the TV on their mobiles. Fast, easy and instant mobile web app for tech news!

Another great idea that came out of the Google press release was the integration of internet access with the Gmail service. This is a huge step forward for any modern smartphone owner who wants to keep up with the latest tech news. Google has made an effort to be more personal and is attempting to combine their two most popular services into one. The result is a great place to find and send important emails. The ultimate benefit of Gmail is that it means that the whole of your life is within reach.

The BBC did a good job of describing the way in which Google and others are working to make their services more personal and integrate them more tightly with our technology. They did however miss one aspect which would have been great for everyone to see. That is to say the fact that the BBC is one of many companies trying to provide a great place to find and send links. In other words to provide a W3techs gateway to all the latest tech news.

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Axios is another great site to follow for all your tech news and trends. They not only cover major news stories but also some more obscure ones that you might not otherwise find by browsing a single website. Their newsletter is also very popular and if you are not signed up to their service you should consider doing so as soon as possible. The great thing about being a part of Axios is that you get to choose from a variety of subscription options, this includes a free trial so you can see if it is right for you before you commit.

There are many more sites that have become more actively involved in providing information to their subscribers. If you are already a subscriber then it is really worth checking out the sites that you are already using and see if they can add a few more features for your enjoyment. From 3 December 2021 Apple is expected to reveal new products including the new MacBook Pro, Google is said to be working on a new smartphone, and Amazon will be expanding its Kindle retail platform to cover additional devices such as the Kindle Fire.