With the growing momentum of the SEED, we are excited to announce a summer pilot endeavor that we intend to continue and grow.  In collaboration with a local teacher we have been working with, Mike Wierusz, we are pleased to announce that we have brought on board a few high school interns to support the SEEDcollaborative and other associated work. 

In exchange for their time, we are planning to provide $1,000 scholarships to support their continuing education.  If you are interested in financially supporting this pilot endeavor, we are accepting tax-deductible donations that will be 100% earmarked for student scholarships.

The following were all students of Mike’s “Sustainable Engineering & Design” course and are now fired up to really be putting their skills to use as our first round of SEEDinspire Scholars.



David graduated from Woodinville High School in 2011 and is now studying Environmental Science and Resource Management at the University of Washington. In the future, he hopes to continue his passion with the environment by working with businesses to minimize their environmental footprint and developing earth conscious products and communities. David spends his free time outside enjoying the great back country of the pacific northwest or enjoying sports such as soccer, baseball, basketball, snowboarding, and wakeboarding.

Why SEEDinternship? 

This internship is a perfect summer experience for post high school students like me to participate with because it provides an opportunity for experience in a field I am interested in for the future and provide a bit of income for a poor college student like myself. This is a perfect stepping stone for future environmental research I want to do next year and provides experience with a small team project-based type work. I am eager to participate in a project that I think can actually make a difference and lasting impact while gaining experience, contacts, and job focus for the future.






Ian graduated from Woodinville High School in 2011, and is now studying at Western Washington University focusing on urban planning and economics with the goal of studying engineering in the future. Outside of school Ian enjoys playing and writing music on guitar and piano in his free time when he is not in his garage working on one of his project cars. Ians long term goal is to work along side the design process of building helping different projects reach their maximum economic and environmental potential.

Why SEEDinternship?

 This internship is of great value to me, working with a group of people who I greatly enjoy working with while at the same time push me to creative ideas and thoughts. Being part of an internship of this nature allows me to gain the "next step" experience I desire in my transition from being a student to a productive team member in which ever job I find myself doing in the future. There are many internships around, but none have seemed to be so fitting to providing a useful experience to which I can take with me to later years of my environmental career.



Rachel graduated from Bothell High School this year. In August 2013, she is going to the University of Hawaii at Manoa to study civil engineering or architecture. in the future Rachel would like to become an architect or civil engineer with a focus on sustainable design. In the future would one day Rachel would like to own a small architecture firm that caters specifically to eco-friendly clients. Currently Rachel has a job working at a local daycare and volunteers at TOPSoccer as a coach for children with special need. During the rare moments of downtime Rachel enjoys photography and drawing, sometimes there’s enough time to even read a book.

Why SEEDinternship?

  I find this internship to be valuable in many aspects. The first aspect is that it keeps my mind active school wise during summer, when I tend to slack. So this way it helps me retain a lot of knowledge. Secondly it gives me something to do over the summer, as well as providing some income to help pay for college. Thirdly it is a great way to meet new people, try new things, and actually gain experience in a field I'm interested in. This internship is a great opportunity and I’m excited to participate.