Co-Creative Design

Every task provides the opportunity to learn and teach.  Before the building process begins we work with students to co design their classroom space.  

We challenge them to imagine what a would make a classroom "Living."   The most innovative features come from student designs, from hand pumped water, to a river in the floor, to a swing in the classroom.  Student designers are always brilliant and inspiring.  We do everything we can to let that brilliance shine through by incorporating those innovations right into the classroom structure.

These classrooms are truly designed for and by students and teachers, creating an environment most suited to inspire and engage the people who will be learning and playing there.   In a Living Building the story of place is important.   All buildings should grow out of the strength, beauty and resources of the land and culture that surrounds it.  We know no better way to achieve this than to co create the vision of the classroom with the students themselves.