Getting a SEED to Jasper

As many of you know, the SEED Collaborative began thanks largely from the inspiration our co-founders gleaned from a group of high school student from Jasper, Alberta of all places.  The SEEDclassroom prototype was designed with and for these students, with the intention that it would be displayed in Seattle and travel up to Jasper to be set there permanently - our gift to them. 

We set our sights high, aiming to fundraise the cost of the prototype's construction through monetary and in-kind donations, in less than one year's time. And with the Jasper community's help, we did make a big dent. But we didn't make it all the way.

The reality of business and money, even when born with the best intentions, has set in and the prototype is currently slated to be purchased by a school near Seattle, to cover our costs of building the first SEEDclassroom. 

That being said, we are still committed to getting a SEEDclassroom to Jasper, no matter how long it takes us. And we ask for your help. Jasper is amazing - they've raised over $50,000 themselves. We have funds to add from donations specifically for Jasper over the past year and are fully committed to putting a portion of profits on future purchased SEEDclassrooms toward the Jasper SEEDclassroom. But if we could get these kids their SEED faster with help from you, that would make our day. Actually, it would make our year. Please do what you can and help us fulfill our promise to these kids. They are amazing. They deserve it. And I think they understood the potential impact of what we are trying to do before we even did: