Our first SEEDclassroom takes root.

Three days ago, we planted our prototype SEEDclassroom at its permanent home. I was there at 6:00 am, anxiously awaiting its arrival on two flatbed semi-trucks, with butterflies in my stomach and the inability to stand still. The prototype was built almost a year ago so we could display it for a month in Seattle and show educators, designers and anyone else who wandered in off the street what exactly we had been talking about, but it felt like I was seeing it for the first time again. I had missed it. And over the course of a year had forgotten a little bit - forgotten just how inspiring the SEED truly is. There’s something magical about how it feels inside, that I didn’t create. It just exists. It lives in the space, maybe because the space was built to be living.

The SEEDclassroom arrived and I watched like a nervous mom as the Method and Acc-u-Set team carefully moved the two modules off the trucks and onto steel rollers, and then literally pushed them into place. There was something so simple about it, so easy. And I again remembered a bit more about why we had started SEED in the first place. It was supposed to be simple and easy in how it was built and set, and equally simple and pure in its mission – to create a healthy, restorative, inspiring place that kids could learn in and from. And the first one finally had a home. As soon as they had it in place, I kissed it.

And now the real fun begins – we get to watch a school take ownership of our first SEED and use it as we intended. The Perkins School has deemed it their “Science Cabin” and they have big plans for it. We get to test and tweak things with them to ensure it meets the Living Building Challenge, in how it was built and now how it performs. We get to engage the Perkins kids in the process, witness their understanding of how its systems work and why it matters. We get to watch how Perkins makes the SEED their own and creates learning opportunities we haven’t even thought of. Someone needs to pinch me. I can’t believe it’s happening, but I do know that I want it to happen more. I want one to go to Jasper, to the kids who helped inspire us in the first place. I want a public school district to step up and proudly be the first to say they can and will.

In my head, there is a virtual map. On this map are hundreds of little green sprouts, each representing a SEEDclassroom at a school somewhere in the world. If you click on a sprout, you are taken to specific information on that SEED – how it’s performing in terms of energy and water collection and use; what lessons teachers and students have developed and completed; and a way to connect to those specific teachers and students to learn more, ask questions and share. I want this map to be real, to have to pinch myself to believe it. I can feel it coming but I also know this type of transformative impact takes some time. I’m not a patient person. But this wait will be worth it, I think.