You Don't Just Learn in the Building, You Learn from the Building

Today was a big day. The Perkins School opened the doors of their SEEDclassroom to students and parents. The first SEEDclassroom officially has a home, and Perkins is putting their imprint on it already. 

There are plants hanging from the ceiling, little ants on the walls for the kids to find, and quotes like "The good thing about science is that it's true whether or not you believe in it" displayed everywhere. We took all of this in, with smiling faces and blessed souls.  

It's hard to express how it feels to know that we have a SEEDclassroom at a school - a school that embraces its purpose with open arms, both in terms of what it can teach their students and how it might positively impact the design and construction of classrooms everywhere, for all kids. We couldn't have better partners and advocates, and we can't wait to be observers over the first year of its life at Perkins.

Here's a pretty cool example... The Perkins 5th graders were asked, as their unit on advertising, to create ads for the SEEDclassroom.  The ads were framed on the wall of the SEEDclassroom today, and we saw them for the first time. Here are some of the quotes. They truly say it better than we can. We are constantly amazed and humbled by how quickly kids embrace and take ownership of everything a SEEDclassroom offers them. If only more adults in positions to force change could think like kids again. We're working on that!

"You don't just learn in the building, you learn from the building."

"SEED - The new life of science."

"Make the greener choice and the better choice for your money. There's a better choice than portables"

"SEED: learn, live, love"

"The SEED is the best and outlasts the rest!"

"Trying to create healthier education spaces"

"SEED: Do you want your kids to have fun while learning?"

"SEED: The better place to learn"