What inspires you?

We have discovered over the past year of launching the SEED Collaborative that inspiration really is the catalyst for a lot of the why and what we do, personally and with what we are trying to accomplish through our work. So we asked ourselves: what truly inspires us? Below is is Stacy, our Executive Director's, narrative for your perusal. We challenge you to ask yourself where your inspiration comes from, what pushes you to reach for lofty goals or put in the extra effort at work or at home every day? Inspiration matters! 

 "What inspires me...?

Gosh, a lot of things do. I think I’m kind of programmed to seek out sources of inspiration that awaken my spirit and push me to take whatever I’ve found inspiration in and multiply it to reach as many others as I can.

I know this is the case with the Living Building Challenge, coupled with the inspiration I have found in the unbridled creativity and optimism that children possess when provided with opportunities to be uninhibited in their thinking. I’m also inspired by the thought that something I create could have the potential to positively impact our environment in a way that will increase the health of the world my son and his kids and their kids are able to experience and enjoy - That it could live well beyond me and continue to catalyze change long after I’m gone. This is what has inspired my work over the past few years and what continues to fuel me to keep on going when things seem impossible, or my plate is too full. The inspiration is always there and the fire is always lit, but when it does dim I have within my network of friends, colleagues and family the ability to reach out to some of my sources of hope and passion and get a little boost when I need it. I think that’s vitally important. You have to have people there to remind you why you started down your chosen path and what it’s all for.

You have to be open to letting others know that you are human and have moments of doubt, because that can be inspiring too. The fact that you can recognize those moments of weakness and face the challenge of continuing head on, with honesty and conviction. I’ve been there, I’ll be there again, and I’ll keep going. I want to see what my inspiration might inspire in others and where it takes me, what it leads to. That drives me through whatever road blocks I may encounter. I want to see what happens next, I want to find that next source of inspiration and see what is born from it, what I can do with it, who I can inspire in turn and what they then do… So, what inspires you...?"